Aromatherapy Consultations

Schedule a Consultation with Dorine Doyle King

Interested in Aromatherapy as non-drug, holistic approach to a healthy body, mind and spirit?

Aromatherapy with essential oils can provide healing and stress relief. It can help treat common problems like headaches, inflammation, fatigue and also help you relive pain and sleep better.

Schedule an Aromatherapy Consultation

Aromatherapy Consultations can be in person, over the phone, or via SKYPE for long-distance clients.
The Consultation begins with a health history intake, where you provide some health information for me.

I will then review your specific wellness goals, and discuss practical aromatherapy applications with you, based on your lifestyle and needs. This initial consultation typically takes about 30 minutes, but can take up to an hour and is billed in 30 minute increments.
Future consults may be shorter since I will already have your health history.

Who Benefits from Aromatherapy?

Both Aromatherapy Consultations and Custom Blending of Essential Oils
are beneficial for adults, children, teenagers and maternity clients.

Custom Blending Starting at $9

prices based on your Custom Blend products
I can Custom Blend Aromatherapy products for you, based on your specific health needs.
These Custom blended products could be in the form of massage or bath oils, bath salts, inhalers, balms, creams, or diffuser blends. Products are billed separately, and the cost is based on the essential oils chosen and the type of blend.

Start the Process with Dorine

Part 1 – Health History Intake & Review


Aromatherapy Health History Form (Word doc)
  1. Save the form to your computer
  2. Type your answers into the form
  3. Save the form again
  4. Attach the form as an email to Dorine


Aromatherapy Health History Form (PDF)
  1. Print the Health History Form
  2. Write your answers on the form
  3. Scan the form into your computer
  4. Attach the form as an email to Dorine

Part 2 - Assessment Review and Consultation

Part 3 - Treatment with Custom Blending or Self-Treatment

Custom Blending – Starting at $9

If you’re interested in Custom Blending, I will create custom-blended products for you. These products are billed separately and the cost is based on the essential oils chosen and the type of blend.

Self-Help Treatment Plan – $72

If you have your own essential oils that you’re interested in using for your treatment, or are interested in doing the custom blending yourself, I will outline a treatment plan for you, and send it via email.

Part 4 - Follow-up via email 1-2 weeks after the treatment plan begins

I will check back in with you, to see how the Aromatherapy Treatments are working. We will go from there, perhaps with another consultation to address further needs.

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If you have any health problems or suffer from a chronic condition or are taking any medication you should always seek advice from your healthcare provider prior to using aromatherapy.

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