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Feng Shui

I’m trained in both Classical Feng Shui (Form School, Compass School, Flying Star) as well as Contemporary Feng Shui (Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist School of Feng Shui).

Why Feng Shui? Feng Shui can help us balance the negative energies in our lives and bring us back into alignment with a positive flow of energy. Paying attention to your space is an important part of a holistic lifestyle, and something that can be integrated into the everyday in practical ways.

I was drawn to Feng Shui after moving to a new home in Minneapolis, and finding myself with clutter control challenges and no space for me! My home has since been redefined in many ways, and now I can, and do, enjoy it.

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I am a trained Aromatherapist, receiving my diploma from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. My teacher training is via Aromahead Institute, the Robert Tisserand Institute and The School for Aromatic Studies.

Why Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy can help heal our bodies and our emotions (inside and out). We can use it aromatically via a diffuser or spray, topically as a cream, salve or spray, and also internally (with professional guidance and caution of course!). I also enjoy custom blending, to create unique solutions for my clients.

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Cooking Through the Seasons

Another passion of mine is food and cooking mindfully. I have been known to spend an entire day with my daughters and friends, cooking, baking and of course, sampling the products of the day! I love to entertain and spend time with family and friends. My favorite times are when I look around the room or patio and see my family smiling, laughing and talking.

Why Cooking Through the Seasons? First and foremost, to have fun! This is my intention when I’m offering a class or just cooking with my family and friends. If there is one thing we all do every day, it is to eat. Cooking and baking seasonal favorites, and with seasonal ingredients is a joy, and doing it together is a blessing.

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