Cooking Classes

Want to come over to my house and cook together?

A few times each year I offer cooking classes in my home kitchen – right here in Ely, MN! They’re small group gatherings, where we cook together to make a seasonal or celebratory meal.

See below for details and class times.
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Cooking Through the Seasons

I follow the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, including many of the celebrations and holidays included in those seasons.

Cooking Through the Seasons classes include a bit of everything related to food that I find interesting.

  • Food as Medicine
  • Food as a Tool for Your Health
  • Food in Folklore and Tradition
  • Food for Celebration and Holidays
  • My Favorite Kitchen Tools

The framework for my cooking classes follow the seasons and changes as the time of year and situations change.
Food + Family + Celebrations + Traditions – All Go Together!

Are you looking for ways to honor the seasonal changes and add some celebration to your life? Do you want to begin new traditions? Would you enjoy cooking with a small group of people over a glass of wine and a themed recipe? Do you want to celebrate your heritage with traditional foods?

Let’s cook through the seasons. Check this page often for updates on Class Offerings.

Happy Cooking!

Upcoming Classes

There are no Cooking Classes scheduled at this time.