Consultations & Programs

with Dorine Doyle King

If you are feeling stuck in life, like you can’t move forward or don’t know how to start – Feng Shui can help.
If you are going through some changes, and want to get your life on track – Feng Shui can help.
If your space just doesn’t “feel” right – Feng Shui can help.

Learning Feng Shui – how to adjust the space in your home, your office, on your land, or in your garden – and putting its principles into practice can impact your life in a big, happy way. Living Feng Shui can lend support to your life, and make it easier to realize good health, wealth and love.

How you want to begin your Feng Shui journey is up to you!
Ready to begin your Feng Shui Journey?

Here's how you can work with Dorine

Living Feng Shui Lifestyle Program

A customized way to integrate Feng Shui into your life, with 4 months of guidance

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In-Home / Office Appointment

1 Feng Shui appointment plus virtual support

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ZOOM Mini Feng Shui Appointment

A quick virtual appointment to discuss a problem and find a Feng Shui solution

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Floor Plan Analysis

Feng Shui corrections for your floor plan in a mini report

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