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    My Feng Shui Journey – How Feng Shui Changed My Life

    When the last of our four children moved out of our 3600-square foot suburban home, my husband Scott and I decided to sell and move.  We settled on a South Minneapolis vintage neighborhood and found a beautiful home almost half the size.  Before putting in an offer on the house, we discussed how we would use the rooms and if it would work for us.  We decided it was perfect.

    On move-in day, I was thrilled to be able to spread out all my creative activities in the basement.  Much to my surprise, the room my husband chose as his art studio became his media/TV room.  I say “his” because it held only one chair!  We were planning on me using the basement as my sewing and crafting space but instead, the entire basement became Scott’s art studio. I found myself with no place to put my supplies, equipment, reference material, and books, and worst of all, no place to work!

    I began sewing, quilting, and scrap-booking on the dining room table. Oops! A family dinner is being planned. Oops! Where to put the quilt pieces? Oops! Where to put the sewing machine? Things began to pile… and pile… and pile…! The dining room became so cluttered with stuff and papers that a spot could no longer be cleared to eat dinner.

    The den became so stuck with unfinished projects, and boxes and piles, that it could not be used. Like lots of women, I had no place, in my own home! For the first time in my marriage, I no longer had a clean and ordered home. I became overwhelmed with how quickly the rooms became cluttered.

    As I said, prior to moving into this home, Scott and I discussed the use and purpose of each room. Clearly, that intention did not work. What resulted were frustration, disappointment, and unhappiness.  I did not want company to stop by – it was too embarrassing. Something had to be done – something had to change! A fortunate conversation with a kindred spirit introduced me to the energy of Feng Shui and international Feng Shui expert Carole Hyder.

    I am happy to say that Feng Shui gave me a vocabulary.  I learned a new language and have been able to articulate, using words, the way I was feeling.  My home has since been re-defined and is no longer that cluttered space that keeps me away from entertaining.  It now allows people to just stop in for a cup of tea. We have dinner at the dining room table every evening. I now have a dedicated office and a dedicated sewing space. My husband has a studio space and best of all, we have space together!

    Most of the piles are gone and we welcome any and all family celebrations and gatherings with little or no notice. I can honestly say we Enjoy the Everyday!

    I began my Feng Shui studies in 2006, under Carole Hyder and the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui in Minneapolis, Minnesota, certifying in the contemporary Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist Tradition. I then went on to study with Roger Green, at the New York School of Feng Shui, certifying in Classical Feng Shui (Form School, Compass School, Flying Star).

    Wanting to go deeper and learn more, I took and completed a series of Graduate Masters Level Training Programs, and I continue my studies with Carole Hyder, H.H. Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche of Yun Lin Temple and other Feng Shui Masters.

    That’s my journey, and how I came to practice Feng Shui!

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