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    Putting Thanksgiving to Bed and Waking Up for Christmas!

    Bye-bye Thanksgiving, Hello Christmas!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We were happy to spend our 2016 Thanksgiving on the farm with The Farmette, our youngest daughter. Her theme this year was Thanksgiving from the Garden. All the main-stays of the meal were from her garden, including the vegetables and Gretchen the Thanksgiving Turkey.

    We brought home so many leftovers home from the farm – fresh grown turkey, brussels sprouts, rainbow carrots, and green beans – all from the garden.  And let’s not forget to mention all the lefse, Swedish cheeses, pickled herring and Krumkake …

    The Friday after Thanksgiving is our Christmas baking day.  This is when my daughters and I get together and bake, bake, bake!  The Farmette’s theme this year is Swedish and since we were at her house, Swedish baking it was!  We made lefse, and Krumkake to start her off on her Christmas baking.

    As we were traveling home, I planed our Sunday dinner.  It turned into a simple turkey, cheese and cranberry grilled sandwich with a salad – Yummy!

    By Tuesday, the fridge was slim pickin’s, but I still had bits and pieces to work with and knowing I need to clear the fridge and the freezer, I begin looking for some way to round these leftovers into a whole meal and free up some space in the fridge.

    My freezer had a package of hot dog buns left from this past summer. I cut them into pieces, added some olive oil, spices, and made them into crisp croutons. By adding the last of the onions from my own garden and two celery stalks, sun-dried tomatoes, a couple of farm fresh eggs and some boxed chicken stock, they become a stuffing for the leftover turkey. All the veggies were gently heated on the stove and dinner was ready!

    Here are some more photos of our Thanksgiving time

    Gretchen the Thanksgiving Turkey

    The Farmette’s Garden

    Rainbow Carrots

    Beets and Beans were pickled for Thanksgiving

    The Farmette with Gretchen, the 30 lb turkey

    Grilled Turkey, Cheese and Cranberry Sandwich

    The rest of the leftovers in a stuffing casserole

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