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    Aromatherapy Class – 2017 Aromatherapy Class Schedule

    Aromatherapy Class Schedule for 2017

    Hi Everyone!  I’m pretty excited and ready to begin this new year!  Below is the Aromatherapy Class Schedule for The Red Phoenix 2017 Aromatherapy classes!  Registration is open for all of the 2017 classes and programs!

    First of all, decide which class or classes you’d like to take.  Maybe you want to take another class later in the year.  Perhaps one or another class seems especially relevant in the spring or in the fall.  For this reason, I am offering aromatherapy classes multiple times a year.

    Next, register for your class(es).

    And finally, get ready for some fun, some learning and some get-in-there-and-blend-blend-blend, classes with me!


    What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet? is a practical class, using herbs and essential oils to care for your family – plus, you will have a very tasty Chicken Soup for a Cold lunch or dinner (depending on which class you take)!  This class is perfect if you are new to using herbal remedies, or just want a refresher.  If you like a MAKE, TAKE & EAT class, this is perfect for you!  In addition to taking home products, you take home a packet with all the recipes to fill your own medicine cabinet!


    In the Green Cleaning class, you will learn how to replace your supermarket chemical cleaning supplies with a few inexpensive natural ingredients and essential oils.   You will not only MAKE & TAKE home aromatic cleaning supplies, but a manual to use as reference for the future!


    Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils is a wonderful 2-day introductory class to begin your journey of discovery into the exciting world of essential oils!  You will gain a deeper understanding of Aromatherapy and how to utilize essential oils at home and/or professionally to maintain health, treat acute and chronic pain and reduce stress.

    You will learn about 21 different essential oils and how to use them.  This is a MAKE & TAKE class and includes a manual to use as reference as you begin practicing the basics of aromatherapy!  You have the option to pre-order the set of 21 essential oils studied during this class.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in class!

    2017 Aromatherapy Class Schedule:

    February 26, 2017                     What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?                1:00-4:00 pm

    April 8, 2017                                Green Cleaning                                                 9:30-1:30

    April 26, 2017                             What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?                6:00-9:00 pm

    June 3-4, 2017                           Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils                9:30-5:00

    September 16-17, 2017            Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils                9:30-5:00

    September 20, 2017                  What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?                6:00-9:00 pm

    September 30, 2017                  Green Cleaning                                                 9:30-1:30


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    Or if you have questions, contact me, or send me a note at dorine@theredphoenix.com.

    Aromatically yours,

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