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    Lammas – First Autumn Harvest Festival and Fall Classes



    Lammas is a holiday celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere, between August and September.It is a time to celebrate the bounty of the Fall harvest.  Not only am I celebrating the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor in the garden, I am also celebrating the fruits of my labors from my office.  I’ve been working all summer planning and formulating my Fall Classes.  They are prepped and the finishing touches are coming together.  This is the time when I schedule my next “school year” and give you a list of my Fall Classes.

    Historically, Lammas was the first autumn harvest festival to mark the Wheat Harvest and was the first Harvest Festival of the year during which bread baked from the first crop of wheat was blessed.  In the Gaelic tradition, it is also referred to as Lughnasadh, the beginning of the harvest season.  It is a time when the Sun God transfers his power to the grain. (That must be why I instinctively want to bake bread!)  It is also a time of celebration that leads us into and through September and the Autumnal Equinox.

    When I was a child, August represented the end of summer vacation and getting ready for an exciting new school year.  It still does for me.  I find myself pointedly working hard to finish up the summer “fun”, meaning any scheduled vacations or outside fairs and then going to the cabin for my yearly retreat. I also find myself looking forward to harvesting the gardens and putting away food for the winter.

    The farmer’s markets are especially laden with Summer’s bounty ripe for the picking.  My canning jars come out of storage and the house begins to smell of bubbling fruits being turned into sweet jams and flavorful vegetables being blanched to put in the freezer.  Wondering what’s for dinner we head out to our garden to see what needs to be picked today. I happily begin to look forward to the cooler days and nights of Autumn, my favorite time of year when I love to bake bread!

    I’m very excited that I was able to plan and schedule my entire 2017-2018 classes.  It feels good to have this part of my year planned out. I look forward to teaching in the new year as well as family and friend get-togethers!

    Fall Classes

    Here is a list of my upcoming Autumn 2017 classes:

      Living Feng Shui 4-Month Program (Fall)

    Begins September 6, 2017 and is only offered two times each year.  A customized way to integrate Feng Shui into your life, with 4 in-home appointments and personalized telephone calls as well as email access throughout.

    Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils (Fall)

    This is a fun 2-day class September 16-17, 2017.  Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils is a wonderful introductory class to begin your journey of discovery into the exciting world of essential oils! Gain a deeper understanding of Aromatherapy and how to utilize essential oils at home and/or professionally to maintain health, treat acute and chronic pain and reduce stress.  We will study 21 different essential oils, make at least 6 different products for you to take home, and includes a Manual to use as reference with the information to begin practicing the basics of aromatherapy!  You will also have the opportunity to purchase all 21 essential oils studied in class at a REDUCED PRICE!

     What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet? (Fall)

    This September 20, 2017, evening class that includes a Chicken Soup for a Cold Dinner!  Discover how you can take care of your family’s common winter ailments without using chemicals or drugs, including the helpful medicinal actions of some common herbs, roots and leaves.  This class is perfect if you are new to using herbal remedies and want to incorporate herbs, essential oils, and food-as-medicine into your life and includes a take-home folder with all the recipes!

       Green Cleaning with Essential Oils (Fall)

    A half-day Saturday class, September 30, 2017.  You will discover a new healthy cleaning regime for your family and your pets. This is a great glass if you want to switch from chemical cleaning to all natural DIY homemade products for a clean house and healthy family.  You will make and take home supplies to begin your fall cleaning as well as a Manual.

    Enjoy the rest of your Summer and I hope to see you in September!


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