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    Back to School – 2017 Autumn Aromatherapy In-Person Classes

    When My Kids were Little

    It’s August.  Time to go Back to School and register for 2017 Aromatherapy Classes.  When my kids were little we spent the month of August getting ready to go back to school.  It was a pretty exciting time!  We shopped for new school clothes, patterns and fabrics to sew new clothes, shoes, gym shoes, school supplies like crayons, markers, notebooks, rulers, pens, pencils, backpacks, and 3-ring binders.  Oh, my goodness!  With four kids to shop for, cook for, and prep for school, the garden needing to be harvested and veggies canned and frozen and end of summer vacations and activities, it seemed never ending! And to top all that off, I was a daycare provider for six other children!  Wow!  Were we busy!

    If I knew Then What I know Now

    If I knew then what I know now, what would I do differently?  I’d be adding essential oils to our school supply list.  I’d add a diffuser blend to use at home to help my student(s) focus while studying, a personal inhaler to the pencil bag, and a room/linen spray to help my kids get a restful sleep.  I’d even make an aromatic cream blend for sore muscles from football and volleyball practice.

    I’d make a batch of Immune boosting Tea (good warm with a bit of extra honey before bed or cold with ice as part of an after school snack).  I’d whip up a batch of Respiratory Tincture, Chest Balm and Herbal Cough Syrup so we’d be prepared for those changes of season cold and flu bugs.  I’d also make a big batch of Chicken Soup for a Cold and store it in the freezer in 1-cup containers for them to sip if they did come down with a cold or flu.

    I would have been chemical free and cleaning green with laundry powder, counter and stove cleaners, hand soap, soft-scrub cleaner, and anti-viral cleaning spray (for light switches and door knobs).  If only I knew then, what I know now!

    Today, It’s My Daughters Turn

    Now, my daughters are getting their kids ready for school.  They are buying school supplies and they are living with the excitement and I can enjoy it from the other side of the city, while prepping my Aromatherapy Classes for the upcoming school year.


    I Have Learned So Much!

    I’ve been studying Aromatherapy and Essential Oils since 2008 and have learned a LOT since then!  I’ve also put together some classes that can help you learn a natural more holistic approach to your home and family life.  These classes are tools for your health and can help you care for your family in a non-chemical way for common, everyday ailments and living.

    Back to School 2017 Aromatherapy Classes!

    So, now that you’ve got the kids ready for school, how about thinking about you going back to school and learning something new?



    Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils        September 16-17, 2017






    What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?        September 20, 2017




    Green Cleaning with Essential Oils        September 30, 2017




    About the Instructor

    Dorine Doyle King holds a Diploma in Master Aromatherapy from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Oregon and continues to study toward her Clinical Aromatherapy Degree.



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