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    Wok Wednesday Cooking Group

    I belong to a Wok Wednesday Cooking Group.  Each month we are given two recipes from Grace Young’s book The Breath of a Wok.  We cook the dishes and post photos of our meals.  Sometimes we give a bit of a story along with our photo and sometimes we just post the photo.

    So far this month, I’ve only cooked one of the recipes.  I’m hoping to do another later this week.  Here is a copy of the post I made to the Wok Wednesday Cooking Group along with the photos I posted and a caption for each.  I suggest you purchase The Breath of a Wok and try this recipe yourself – and don’t forget the carrots!

    My Wok Wednesday Cooking Group Post

    “What a dough-head I am! I cannot tell you how many times I read through the recipe and instructions for Chicken with Garlic and Sugar Snaps and never once did I see mention of CARROTS! Then, as I’m seeing more and more of your photos of this lovely dish, I’m thinking how very cleaver you all are for adding those pretty orange carrots! Duh! The dish was good anyway and we all enjoyed it. Grace, I brought my sweet little Swedish mom to live with me in November. She is enjoying everything I cook and thinks your family’s recipes are so much better than take out. Thank you for all you do.”

    My ingredients Mise en place (sans the CARROTS!)


    The chicken thigh, marinating


    Homemade Chicken Broth (actually leftover soup from Saturday’s dinner)


    My favorite part: Stir-frying the garlic and chicken


    Stir-frying the veg (minus the CARROTS!)


    My sweet little Swedish mom (we call her Mor-Mor) enjoying the homemade vs the takeout.

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