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    2020 Year of the Metal Rat!

    Gong Hei Fat Choy!

    Wishing you all great happiness and prosperity in 2020 Year of Metal Rat!

    2020 Year of Metal Rat

    2020 Year of the Yang Metal Rat.  Lunar New Year began on January 25, 2020 and Solar New Year begins on February 4, 2020.

    The Rat is first in line of the Chinese astrology animals.  There are many stories as to how the order came to be but, my favorite is the story of Buddha’s birthday party.  It goes something like this:  Buddha invited the farm animals to his party and one celestial animal (Dragon).  Everyone was so very excited to be going,.   Rat and Ox had traveled together and become friends along the way, but when they got to the river and could see the party decorations across the way, Rat, being so small, was concerned that he would not be able to swim across.  Ox, being so large, said “No problem Rat, my friend!  Climb onto my back and I will carry you across.”  So Rat climbed on Ox’s shoulders and Ox brought them both safely across the river.  Once they reached the shore, Rat jumped down and was the first to arrive at Buddha’s party!

    Chinese Elements

    There are also five Chinese Elements that work in a “creation” or a “destruction” cycle.  One is not better or worse than the other, they are just different.

    Creation Cycle:

    • Water feeds Wood.
    • Wood fuels Fire.
    • Fire makes Earth (ash).
    • Earth produces Metal.
    • Metal carries Water.

    Destruction Cycle:

    • Water puts out Fire.
    • Wood obstructs Earth.
    • Fire melts Metal.
    • Earth changes the course of Water.
    • Metal cuts Wood.

    2020 is the Year of the Yang Metal Rat.  Rat is actually a Water animal, but being this is a Metal year, and since Metal carries Water, it seems this Rat will have a lot of support.  Actually, this makes it a very Yang/strong year, so Horse, Sheep and Rabbit people – be aware and be sure to carry a charm of the Rat’s friend the Ox.

    In 2020 the Year of the Metal Rat, there will continue to be political unrest around the world.  Rat’s new ideas will be a breeding ground for protests, more disruptions and unrest (think election year in the USA).

    To counteract this, since Rat does not have kindness, compassion and generosity as one of her main attributes, WE must be extra kind, compassionate and generous to those we find disruptive.

    2020 Year of the Metal Rat Completion and Beginning Anew

    In the 2020 Year of the Metal Rat, the element of Metal also represents bringing things to completion and finishing up things that were started earlier.  This being a Metal Completion Year and also the Year of the Rat, who is the beginning of a new cycle, it can be considered a time of renewal and increase.  So, choose carefully as you set your intentions for this upcoming year – you will be setting your intentions for the next 12-year cycle.

    2020 Year of the Metal Rat Grand Duke

    The Grand Duke is in the North this year.  Those born in the Year of the Rat will be offending the Grand Duke.  It’s time for you to be decisive and take on responsibility.  Do not procrastinate in reviewing everything that concerns you and your family’s security.  Food, housing, finances, health, support network – determine what is essential for you to secure those choices with daily and weekly goals.  The Rat should carry an Ox charm to reduce negative influences.  You can order a beautiful one from my friend Diana DiCristina at WindWaterHarmony.com.

    2020 Year of the Metal Rat Challenged and Compatible Animals

    The most compatible animals this year are Ox, Dragon and Monkey.  The least compatible are Horse, Sheep and Rabbit.  Rabbit be extra aware as the Rat may cause trouble in relationships for you.  Trouble with friends, family, colleagues, scandals, extramarital affairs, and betrayals.  You too should carry an Ox charm this year – again, contact my friend Diana at WindWaterHarmony.com.

    If you are a Horse, The Year of the Rat could bring accidents or big changes.  You may travel more, however, do not travel North (unless you are my middle born daughter, then carry your Ox charm when you come to visit me!), and do not participate in risky sports like skydiving, or racing cars.

    2020 Year of the Metal Rat Nobleman

    If you were born in years ending in 5 or 9, The Year of the Metal Rat brings you a Nobleman.  This is some person or energy that will offer you support, safety, or solutions to obstacles and will help make your year more comfortable.

    Flying Star

    Flying Star is a combination of time and direction and it changes every year.  Be sure to have the following adjustments in place by Solar New Year – February 4, 2020.

    I will not go into the detailed explanation of what the Flying Star is, but you can read about how the Flying Star came to be in my blog from the Year of the Pig.

    It has been said that “every family must have a Rat this year!”  The Rat is a good animal sign, and the year 2020 is a good year to have a baby.

    # 7 Robbery Star – Center

    3 Stalk Bamboo

    The violent #7 Robbery Star which brings the danger of theft, robbery, break-ins, accidents and betrayal is in the Center this year.  Strong protective symbols are needed.  Place 3 bamboo stalks in water in a yellow or ceramic vase.  Make sure fire detectors are working.  If your front door is here, make sure locks and security system are working.  If your office is here, double check all legal agreements or consider moving it.  Avoid adding metal wind chimes here.

    #3 Jade Wood Star – North

    Red Envelope

    #3 Jade Wood Star lies in the North (the sector of the Rat) and is particularly hostile and unfriendly this year.  It is very quarrelsome because the Wood element is strengthened by the Water element of the North. This can lead to misunderstandings, bad tempers, and tantrums.  You might be inclined to fight with your work colleagues or your neighbors — don’t!  Patience is key!  You must make an effort to remain calm.  Place red in this area such as a red tablecloth, pillow, a vase, or a red envelope

    #2 Illness Star – South

    6 Coins

    The #2 Illness Star flies into the South in 2020.  The Illness Star is strong this year due to the fact that the Fire element is represented by the South.  Wherever #2 appears, there is potential for sickness, pain, even miscarriage with one or all members of the family.  Place something metal in this area like a strand of 6 coins or a metal sculpture, especially if this area is at your front door, your desk, or bedroom.

    #5 Misfortune Star – East

    Wind Chimes

    The #5 Wu Wang or Misfortune Star flies into the East this year.  This means that East Life people generally need to be more careful in 2020.  West Life people are in a better position to enjoy good luck.  If the #5 Wu Wang Star is at your front door, your desk, or bedroom there is potential for fire, sickness and obstacles to occur.  Offset this by hanging a metal wind chime in this area.

    If possible, do not remodel or do any construction work in any of the above 4 areas in particular, the North, East and South.

    Good News & Final Notes!

    #8 Prosperity Star

    The #8 Prosperity Star flies into the Northwest in 2020.  This benefits the husband and father or patriarch of the family.  So, if the patriarch is able to make money, then the whole family benefits, right?  The powerful #8 Prosperity Star also has positive influence on world leaders and CEO’s.

    #6 Heaven Luck Star

    The wonderful #6 Heaven Luck Star is bringing it’s luck from heaven to the Southeast this year.  This is useful in many ways.  For example, let’s say you want to be noticed by a  superior, or you want that promotion, you can activate this area by placing a Dragon or Snake in this area.  Place a Dragon in Southeast if your boss is a man or if your boss is a woman, place a Snake.

    Final Notes:

    • Be sure to have your adjustment in place by February 4, 2020.
    • The East Life Group of people will be the most affected this year.
    • If you want to know if you are an East Life or a West Life Person, contact me via the website or call me at 612-272-8425 to set up an appointment for a Ming Gua Reading.

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