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    Cookbook Club and Personal Update

    How I’m Spending My Days

    How I spend my days – reading and watching TV

    I’m not sure how much of this to post, but I’m going ahead and doing it anyway. About 4 weeks ago I had surgery on my foot – not a big deal, just had a bunion repaired and corrected, but I have been on the couch since.  I’ve been using the down time to review a couple of classes and take a couple of new classes.  I’ve re-discovered the Chinese 5-Elements via a class called “The Energy to Heal – Find Lasting Freedom from Stress and Trauma.”  It’s part of my Energy Medicine Yoga journey and I’m finding it incredibly healing and informative.  I also completed a certification in “The Trauma Informed Aromatherapist” and have registered for two other 5-Element classes; “Essential Oil Energetics and 5-Elements” as well as a “Diffusion, Aromatherapy and Feng Shui” class — they are both weekend classes to be held in October and I am SO excited and rejuvenated!  I resonate deeply with the Chinese 5-Elements.


    The Fiber Fueled Cookbook

    The Fiber Fueled Cookbook

    Before the surgery, I joined a 3-month cookbook club. We are using “The Fiber Fueled Cookbook” written by Will Bulsiewicz, MD, MSCI.  It’s VERY informative and I’m learning a LOT about the Fiber Paradox, the GROWTH Strategy, FODMAPS and Histamine Intolerance. That’s what we’ve covered so far. The body is totally amazing!  The recipes are very tasty and easy to put together.  Our brains are changing – instead of planning the main protein and some side dishes, we are planning our main plant-based entree and adding the protein as a side or just an ingredient.



    Husbands Can Surprise You Even After 38 Years!

    Chopped Salad

    Chopped Salad – one of our favorite dishes from the book.

    My husband has picked up the mantle of being in charge of the house and cooking. Honestly, he has impressed me. He is still doing most of the cooking as I am still recovering, but next week I’m going to step in and do some too – because I finally can “step” again! The food is basically vegan, but since we are not vegan, we occasionally do some substitutes. For example, instead of making/using vegan feta cheese, we are just using regular feta cheese and eating vegetarian. We still do at least one dinner of typical protein (typically chicken or fish), but since he’s been cooking it’s easier for him to stick to the vegan. I’m loving it!  My husband has found that he can actually cook some healthy meals and that everything doesn’t have to be fried pork chops!

    Here is our menu for the rest of this week:

    • Crispy Chickpea Sweet Potato Bar (Vegan)
    • Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili (Vegan unless we add plain yogurt as a condiment then vegetarian)
    • Tuscan Flatbread (Vegan? using refrigerated pizza dough to keep it simple, so who knows!)
    • Rainbow Poke Bowl (pescatarian – tons of veggies and we are adding shrimp)

    As you can see, it’s mainly plant-based and relatively healthy. I doubt we will ever be totally vegan, but being more plant-based has definite advantages – plus, it is a LOT easier on the grocery bill.

    The Road to Recovery

    Yesterday, I received word from the doctor that I am healing as expected and can begin the process of walking again. I pulled out my hiking boots this morning as they are quite supportive and let me tell you, it’s weird to not walk on the outside edge of my foot and my heel. I’m re-learning how to use my full foot and actually “rock” it as I take a step. Last week, I walked a total of 10,000 steps and I’m curious to see how being more “normal” (that’s all relative, right? – LOL!) will change that number. I’m not ready to go back to my regularly scheduled program and will be taking at least another month off. We will see what the doc says next month and if physical therapy is required.

    I am however going to try to resume visits to my mom in the Memory Care Unit.  I stopped in to visit last week and put my foot up on her chair to rest it.  She put her arm around my foot to cradle it.  I guess, once a mom, always a mom – dementia or not!


    Wanting to Connect with You More

    Soooooo — I’m at my computer again and will try to continue with some daily Facebook postings. In the meantime, I’m excited to plan my menu for next week, send my hubby to the grocery store and get back into my yoga practice.

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