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    Energy Medicine Yoga, Boomer Yoga or No Yoga?

    To Yoga or Not to Yoga?

    I have been practicing Yoga for the past 10 years.  I began by taking a Boomer Yoga class which is for people over 60 years old.  Last January, I was introduce to Energy Medicine Yoga and am hooked on yoga!  Both classes are excellent and similar poses, but have very different focuses.  One concentrates on yoga as an exercise, and the other concentrates on the healing and meditative aspects of yoga.  Both are physical and both are beneficial in different ways.  I love both classes and both teachers.

    Starting to Move Again

    Since the doctor gave me the “OK” to start walking again, I have. I walked around the house a bit on Wednesday, went to the Memory Care to see my mom on Thursday.  After walking each day, I rested my foot for the afternoon and evening.  I did put together a Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili for dinner last night, but rested before and Scott cleaned up afterward and prepped the coffee for this morning while I rested on the couch.  He’s cooking tonight too.

    Sad Unused Yoga Equipment

    In Feng Shui, we know that everything is energy.  This morning while having my morning coffee, I noticed how sad my yoga equipment looks piled in the corner, and decided to cheer it up by using it.  I chose to do a pre-recorded Boomer Yoga Class.  Well, I’ve learned that I am in no way ready for a full yoga class, but was able to do most of the floor and sitting moves.  I cannot do any of the warrior positions nor can I do a real down dog.  TOO much pressure on the right foot!  I also noticed that I can do a modified 3-legged dog with my right (surgery) foot, but not no way, not no how, can I do the same move on my left side.  In that position, one uses the opposite foot and leg for balance and the right foot cannot take that pressure.  During those poses I did some Energy Medicine breathing and pressure point techniques.  That got me through the entire hour long class with some much needed rest in between the poses.

    Thank You to My Yoga Teachers

    I’d like to send a “thank you” to Blaine (my Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher) for showing us how to do the “Connecting Heaven and Earth” and the “Separating Heaven and Earth” movements.  They gave me the rest I needed from my practice and the focus to keep going.  I’d also like to send a “thank you” to Melanie (my Boomer Yoga Teacher) for teaching us old folks modified positions.

    Moving to Get Back in Shape

    If also noticed that not doing anything but sitting on the couch for the past 4 weeks has set my body back YEARS!   The arch at the small of my back is stiffer than normal and my hamstrings and quads are not what they were a month ago either.  I will be focusing more on slowing easing my body back into movement for the next month until I see the doctor again.  Chair Yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, and totally on the floor yoga will be my friends this next month.

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