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    New Moon Medicine

    It’s been a LONG time since I’ve made New Moon Medicine.  Last week, I had a sniffle so decided to take some of my Respiratory Tincture. When I got to the cupboard, the cupboard was bare!  It must have kept my husband from getting a cold – which is its intent.  I checked my apothecary cupboard to see if I had all the herbs I needed to make another tincture.  Well, well, well – I didn’t have enough for a full batch, but I did have enough for half a batch.  So, I put it together and in 4-6 weeks, I will have Respiratory Tincture!

    New Moon Medicine at the Full Moon?

    Typically I make New Moon Medicine at the New Moon.  The theory is that as the moon grows bigger, the medicine grows stronger. This time I decided I could not wait for the New Moon, I made it at the Full Moon.  Will it be as potent if I don’t begin it while the moon is growing stronger?  My cousin is an herbalist who happens to live on the west coast.  A few years ago I asked her that question.  She said although it is better to make medicine at the New Moon, sometimes practicality is the better way to go.  I trust her wisdom and knowledge, and here I am making New Moon Medicine at the Full Moon.

    Apothecary Stock Growing Low

    As long as I was looking for herbs, I checked to see if there were other items I needed to make to be prepared for the “Fall into Winter” season.  I had no chest balm, I had no inhalers, and I had no infused oils for my skin.  Since I was in my herb cupboard, I checked my herb and essential oils stock and made a plan.

    Chest Balm (aka Bunny Balm)

    I put together a chest balm. This is one of our favorite New Moon Medicines.  It’s made by infusing eucalyptus leaves and pine needles in jojoba oil, straining the plant matter out, and adding some bees wax and essential oils.  It’s an amazing, very simple medicine.  We use it for cuts, sinus issues, colds, and even minor pain in the hand or wrist.  I have collected pine needles from many different locations, but this batch of pine needles is from a tree that was cut down in order to widen and rebuild the street in front of my house.  I used to love listening to the wind blowing through this big pine.  It sounded like the waves of Lake Superior at the North Shore.

    I brought a couple of tins of chest balm over for my mom yesterday.  She likes the aroma.  I know the Chest Balm will help her breath easier if she gets a cold or the sniffles.

    Inhale for Breath

    My inhalers this time were also simple – just drop some essential oils onto a wick and insert it into the inhaler tube and inhale!  These are reusable inhalers and can be refilled with different essential oils each time.  I made one for daytime use, and the other is with different, more relaxing essential oils for nighttime use.

    Skin Care

    Infused OilI was in a ZOOM book club meeting last week where I heard about abhyanga massage for the first time ever.  My simplistic understanding of this is that it is part of ayurveda medicine and has to do with the meridians and chakras.  In my Energy Medicine Yoga classes, we do a lot of self massage following the meridians and acupressure points.  This abhyanga massage is similar (sorta – very loosely) and uses a massage oil.  I had no massage oil in my apothecary pantry so made some.  I have Frankincense resin and crushed that using my pestle and mortar and put in into my jojoba oil.  It will sit in a dark cupboard for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  I shake the jar every day and know it will be amazing.

    I’ll use part of the infused oil to make a face cream and the rest will be a massage oil.  In the meantime, I’ll do some more research on this type of massage and learn more.

    Food as Medicine

    Eating healthy, using the inhalers and chest balm and keeping up with my yoga practice, should keep me healthy enough until the Respiratory Tincture and the infused oil is ready.  Hopefully, I won’t need any of the meds anytime soon, but they will be in my apothecary cupboard when I do.

    Planning Ahead

    I’m heading to Minneapolis in a few days to celebrate my grandson’s golden birthday and will make it a point to get to the herb shop to restock my supplies.  If you are interested in making medicines for your own family and friends, consider taking my “What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet” class.  I offer it twice a year.  The next one will be in April 2023.

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