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    Energy Medicine Yoga Wake Up with Mom

    Energy Medicine Wake Up!

    Good Morning Everyone!  I’d like to share a little story with you about moving Energy through the body with the Energy Medicine Yoga Wake Up.  My goal is to practice yoga five days each week – typically, I practice three to six days  each week.  I have a couple of different yoga teachers and am lucky enough to have teachers who have hybrid classes – in studio and via ZOOM.  I live in northern Minnesota.  One of my classes is in Colorado, one is in Minneapolis and another is in Wyoming or Montana (I never remember where she is).  I love technology and the internet.  Yoga has helped me heal from a torn meniscus, a pinched nerve in my shoulder and a bunion surgery.

    Snippets of the Mom I Once Knew

    Yesterday, I went to the Memory Care Facility to visit my 91-year old mom who happens to have dementia.  She is always happy to see me and often surprised that I know where she is.  When I arrived, she was having a cup of coffee in the commons area and since I had my to-go cup with me, I joined her.  We did a cheer with our cups.  She said “skol pa fisken;” which in Swedish means, “cheers to the fish” and something my grandpa always said.  I said a cheer my daughter taught me; “Here’s to you and here’s to me, friends forever we shall be, if we ever disagree, f*** you (I whispered that part to her), here’s to me!”  She loved it and laughed.  This is her forever sense of humor – something a little bit naughty, but not really bad – snippets of the mom I grew up with.

    Re-Engage with the Energy Medicine Wake Up

    As we drank our coffee, she kept looking at the TV and was becoming more and more disengaged with me.  I asked her if she would do a little exercise with me and turned our chairs to face each other.  Then I began the Energy Medicine Wake Up we do every time we practice EM Yoga.  We started thumping our “start” button (Kidney 27), then moved on to the “Tarzan Thump” to help keep us healthy, and then the “Little Monkey” to help with our digestion and moved along to under the eyes to help us focus and see clearly (she would not understand “grounding”), we marched in place then tried the crossover to help our brain.  That was more difficult for her but she eventually sort of got it.  We ended with the “hook up” and rested our hands on our knees and breathed for three breaths.

    Energy Moved!

    We went back to sipping our coffee (no more cheers!).  After a minute or two, she announced she had to pee, then as we got the walker in place and she found her legs, she had to poop.  We went to her room. cleaned up and change her underwear.  By then she was EXHAUSTED and needed a nap.  This just shows you how quickly energy can move – it doesn’t take much!  I tucked her in, kissed her forehead and told her not to let the bedbugs bite.  The rest of my day was uneventful.


    Energy Medicine Yoga, contact my friend Blaine Wilkes at https://blainewilkes.podia.com/community.

    Yoga for Seniors contact Melanie McRae at https://nokomisyoga.com/index.htm.

    If you are interested in moving the Energy in your home via Feng Shui contact Dorine King (me!) at https://theredphoenix.com/feng-shui/consultations-programs/ and chose a consultation that will suite your needs.

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