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    What Does My Soul Crave?

    Resolutions, Intentions, Goals – What Does My Soul Crave?

    At this time of year, everyone is making plans, resolutions, and setting goals, intentions and navigating self-discovery. As I keep listening to what the ‘experts,’ my teachers, and my mentors are telling me, I genuinely try to do the exercises to bring on these revolutionary changes to my life and business. However, the real question is, what does my soul crave?

    2024 Predictions

    It seems many of the predictions for 2024 are favorable for me. My Chinese Astrology is in a good position, with many auspicious stars, and I have a plan that I know will work to help negate the inauspicious stars. If you know what is coming, you can prepare. If you are prepared, then things aren’t so disruptive. Knowledge is power, right? I need to move forward and work with all these auspicious stars as I work on navigating self-discovery, but what does my soul crave?

    Moving Forward

    It’s a good year for me to progress in my business, to move forward, to develop some new programs, to ask for help – mentors will be available to me. I would love to teach a couple of beginning feng shui classes and some general aromatic classes, but what does my soul crave?

    Back to School

    I went back to school in September of 2023. It’s an online self-paced program and was offered along with a pilot program for entrepreneurs. Perfect, right? Perfect in my mind – my heart isn’t in it. My heart isn’t in it, yet I get very excited when a new concept comes up during class. I feel I’ve been a little bit ahead of the game since I already have a name for my business, a website for my business, a Facebook page for my business, but what is my mission and what is my vision? What does my soul crave?

    The other day we started talking about our design and branding. Interesting …. Pick a color palette, pick some fonts, pick some images. I’ve done all that with my website, but not with my social media. So, do I add social media to my list of intentions and goals for 2024? What does my soul crave?

    Busy, Busy, Busy

    On the personal side of my life – all areas are full and busy. Full, full, full, busy, busy, busy. I’m involved with a couple of business groups in my town, I take three yoga classes each week, a strength training class three times each week and I go to a knitting group one night each week. I have a husband, three grown daughters, and three grandsons. Plus, I have a 93-year-old mom with dementia who lives in a memory care unit 3 minutes away from me. I’m responsible for her and the care she receives. What does my soul crave?

    I believe I think about every one of these people every hour of my waking day. Did they get to work and school safely this morning? Has she resolved that issue we were talking about two days ago? Did my mom wake up happy this morning, or did she refuse to get out of bed? Have I updated the Facebook group page for that group in town I’m involved with? Do I have three hours to work on updating that group? Have I finished planning and prepping that program I want to teach? What am I making for dinner? Do I have everything I need, or do I need to go to the grocer? What does my soul crave?

    Collaborative Meetings

    Last night I was at a meeting and as an opening to navigating self-discovery, we went around the circle to introduce ourselves and share something we want to manifest or intend to do in 2024. People were sharing some beautiful esoteric intentions. They want to influence their clients, make a difference in the world, develop new products. They have plans to rent new space to do their work. When it came around to me all I could think of is that I want to take back some control of my own time – my own needs – my own hopes and dreams. I said the words, “I want to release the feeling of obligation and responsibility.” Wow! What does my soul crave?

    Those words of release kind of flew out of my mouth. Quite a few women did a little gasp, and then there was a LOT of agreeing that they too want to release obligation and responsibility in their lives. Today, I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Do I want to develop my business and progress into teaching again? Do I want to keep up the level of involvement in these two groups I’m involved in? Or do I want to step back and release some of the obligation and responsibility I feel? What does my soul crave?

    What does your soul crave?

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