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    2024 The Yang Wood Dragon

    This blog will be super brief.  We are transitioning from the Rabbit to the Yang Wood Dragon on February 4, 2024.  Yikes!  That’s tomorrow!

    If you follow the Flying Stars here are some simple adjustments you can make to help align the energies in your spaces.  I make these adjustments every year.  I do them on the main floor of my home and in my office space.

    2024 Flying Star

    The Number 2 Sickness Star

    This year the number 2 star is in the SE. It is known as the Sickness Star.  I use a string of Chinese coins to adjust the energy of this sector and to calm the star.

    The Number 7 Violence Star

    The 7 star is in the South this year.  This star represents loss and violence.  Place a healthy plant or your bamboo in this area.  You can also use a calming blue color.

    The Number 3 Dispute Star

    The number 3 star has flown to the center in 2024.  This is the Dispute Star, and as you can see from the image above, the center touches all the other areas.  Although the traditional adjustment for this Star is a red envelope, since it’s the center of my home, I’m using a 30mm red crystal.  Very calming colors in this area will also help.

    The Number 5 Misfortune Star

    The West holds the number 5 Star in 2024.  This is the misfortune star and it resides in the West.  To move these misfortunes along, place a windchime in the West sector.

    In Conclustion

    Using this sequence will help ensure that you have a smooth transition from 2023 into 2024.  This is intended to align you space with the shifting energies of the Yang Wood Dragon Year, and optimizing for harmony, prosperity, and well-being.


    Happy New Year!!!

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