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    Feng Shui Wealth, Blessing, Prosperity – What I Did to Enhance My Wealth Gua

    I was at a Feng Shui meeting last night where we had a wonderful speaker, Laurie Wondra, talk with us about “Purposeful Energy — Practical Ways to Clear Change or Activate Space.”  It was a wonderful and informative meeting and I was inspired by the possibilities for my own home and office, and in particular for my Feng Shui Wealth, Blessing, Prosperity Gua, as well as for my client’s homes and offices.

    Contemporary Feng Shui

    In Contemporary Black Sect Esoteric Feng Shui, we believe Feng Shui can help us balance the negative energies in our lives and bring us back into alignment with the forces that be.  It promises us Health, Happiness and Prosperity.  We also believe that everything is Energy.  Our space reflects the energy of our lives, and our lives reflect the energy of our space.  So here I am today in my home office, looking around at my space and my eyes land on the Wealth, Blessing, Prosperity Gua.  Holy Schmolly!  I guess it’s time to clear that space and make room for some Feng Shui Wealth, Blessing and Prosperity to come into my life!






    These baskets and boxes contain things I think are important to my business.  Well, if they are so important, why are they just piled in a basket on top of a radiator?  Time to clear some space!

    Black Sect Feng Shui Bagua

    According to the Contemporary Black Sect Feng Shui Bagua the Feng Shui Wealth, Blessing, Prosperity Gua is in the back left corner of the home or room (when standing in the doorway, looking in).

    Feng Shui Wealth, Blessing, Prosperity

    This is a pretty important corner in a home and is also an important corner in the office.  It needs to be clutter free so the energy can flow.  Using some of the information I learned at the meeting, I decided to use some healing stones to bring positive energy to the Feng Shui Wealth, Blessing, Prosperity area of my space and my life.  We can all use some of that, right?  I used three types of stones and placed them in a directional grid to activate the energy.

    Clear Quartz; Citrine; Green Aventurine

    I used the clear quartz as an amplifier, to absorb, store, and release energy.  The citrine in the center supports prosperity, healing, and is a re-generator and an energizer.  The green aventurine symbolizes prosperity, leadership and perseverance.

    Feng Shui Wealth, Blessing, Prosperity Altar

    The other elements in my Wealth altar are a purple cloth, vase of flowers (silk because I don’t  – remember to water things and my husband gave them to me for an anniversary), and because this is in my office and I am still studying both Feng Shui and Aromatherapy, a blue vase with calligraphers brushes.  Oh!  The other element is a plaque in the image of a fish.  My youngest daughter (The Farmette) made this when she was in 5th grade (I think).  In Feng Shui, fish and other water elements represent money – and she happened to make this fish a purple color.

    The energy in my space feels different already!



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