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    Back to School with Feng Shui Style

    Are you ready to go “Back to School with Feng Shui Style?”  I sure am!  We all know that Feng Shui can be a wonderful tool to bring some dramatic changes to our lives, but can Feng Shui help us go Back to School and with Feng Shui Style?  The short answer is YES IT CAN!  Feng Shui can help us get into flow of a new schedule.  It can help us clear frustration and improve the condition of our study space. Can essay writing help us know where to begin to clear the clutter.

    Everything is Energy

    The cool autumn breeze is energy, the softly falling rain is energy.  Our school books and supplies are energy – and so is all that clutter on our desk!  It is overwhelming and stuck energy, but it is energy just the same.  What kind of energy do you want in your study space when you or your kids go back to school this year?  We all want to go back to school with Feng Shui style!

    Intention is Key

    Think your plan, speak your plan, write your plan.  Begin living your plan as though it is already in place.  You want to be the best student ever, right?  What is going to get you there?  Mind your thoughts and set your intention.







    Your Space Reflects your Life and Your Life Reflects Your Space

    What does your study space look like?  Is it a mess?  Is it cluttered?  Is it chaotic?  Does your life feel like it’s a mess?  Is your life cluttered?  It is chaotic?  Let’s get it cleaned up and organized so you are going Back to School with Feng Shui Style!

     Nine Tips to Go Back To School with Feng Shui Style

    1. Desk Placement– Energy or Chi comes into our lives through the door. When you are seated at your desk, be sure you can see the door.  This means that you can see the opportunities coming your way.
    2. High Backed Chair — In Feng Shui, a high backed chair is a metaphor for the mountain. It gives you protection and support.  You need a high backed chair for personal power and support.  This is very important.
    3. Desk Size – Make sure your desk is appropriately sized. Not so big that you are overwhelmed or cannot reach your pens, but not so small that there is barely room for your computer.  Your desk should support your work and your vision for your education.
    4. Solid Wall Behind the Desk – Like the high backed chair, a solid wall gives you support and “has your back.”
    5. Lighting – Make sure there is a light shining on the work area of your desk. You will need that “bright idea” as you study and write your reports.
    6. Storage – You need a place to put your books and your supplies. If possible, put books behind closed doors.  Books are words – there is a lot of talking in books.  If you are trying to concentrate and study — all those books could be a distraction.  Will a closet work for a storage area, or maybe drawers in the desk specific for supplies and books.
    7. Clear the Clutter — Clutter is stuck energy. It can keep you from moving forward.  Clear the desk at the end of every study session so you are ready for the next day.
    8. Study Space — If you want to live a balanced life and not be “married” to your schoolwork, do not place the desk in the Partnership Area.  If you are living at your parent’s home and your room is the space you have to yourself, or if you are using this blog to help your child, then use the Bagua over just the bedroom (using the door to the room for placement of the Bagua), and place the desk in the Knowledge area or Children and Creativity area if possible.  Try to place both the bed and the desk so when lying in the bed you can see the door and when seated at your desk you can also see the door.
    9. Do Not Eat at the Desk — For a focused work space – do not eat at your desk. Take a break.  Eat your snack and dinner at the dining room table – not at your desk.  Take it outside to the garden or as a picnic in the park.  But take a break from homework.  You will be much more refreshed and ready to study if you do.

    Living Feng Shui Lifestyle Program

    Is there a space in your home that needs an energy adjustment?  Are you looking for an in-depth way to integrate Feng Shui into your space and life?  Come on Back to School with Feng Shui Style and register for the  Living Feng Shui Lifestyle Program.


    See you in September!


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