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    Welcoming Fall and the Autumn Equinox!


    This year the Autumn Equinox, also known as Mabon, is on September 22, 2017 at 3:02 PM Central Time and is celebrated in many cultures.  China celebrates with the Moon Festival, mooncakes filled with lotus, sesame seed, duck egg or dried fruit.  At our house, we celebrate Mabon, the second harvest and the start of winter preparations, such as finishing up the canning and freezing and putting the garden to bed.  It is a time to respect the impending change of the seasons, and the return of darkness and giving thanks for the sunlight, enjoy the earlier twilight and cooler evenings.  It’s time to complete projects a time to reap what we have sown.

    Here Are Some Ways I will Celebrate:

    1. As I begin my autumn cleaning and ready for fall, I will create an altar.  This year it is as simple as a centerpiece on my dining room table, refreshing the fireplace mantle ornaments, and a bit of festooning on the buffet in the dining room.  The colors of gold, orange, red, bronze and rust, honor the season.  An orange or yellow candle will be lit while I give thanks for the blessings of abundance in my life.
    2. I will ask the Mother Goddess to bless my harvest (garden as well as professional).
    3. Music and the sounds of nature will bring celebration to our home.
    4. I will take time to meditate.  This is extremely important if you are the family caregiver, or are living with stress in your life.  In fact, as I am writing this, I am on Retreat at my little cabin in the middle of the Superior National Forest of Northern Minnesota.  I’m listening to the wind in the trees watching bees buzz around the wild flowers growing in the meadow outside my window – as well as tossing the occasional ball for my dog.  But, I am also contemplating how I can consistently get more sleep; keep my peace of mind when I return to real-life and how to bring more balance to my days.

    A Trip to the Apple Orchard with Family

    This year we are planning to visit an apple orchard with our youngest grandson and his parents.  We will buy at least a peck if not a bushel of apples.   The house will smell warm and welcoming as apple sauce, butter, crisp and pies go into the freezer.  A celebratory pot of Potato Ham Soup will greet us bubbling in the crock-pot as we return home from our adventure.  We will serve it along with some homemade Oat Bread warmed in the oven!   Dessert?  Why, s’mores, marshmallows and apple crisp with ice-cream, of course!

    During our Mabon Fire, we will perform some rituals for protection and security.  Reflection on our past year’s success and failures will help us see how to proceed into the future year.  We will also remember those in our lives who have passed.  We will respect the dark and give thanks to the sun.

    Leave a comment below and tell us what will you do this Autumn Equinox!


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