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    2021 Year of the Yin Golden Ox

    Happy Chinese New Year 2021

    Gong Xi Fa Cai – Wishing You Prosperity!

    Good Bye 2020 – Hello 2021

    I, for one, am happy to leave 2020 behind!  How about you?  We only want to see it in our rear view mirror, right?

    Here is a little review of 2020:  Covid-19, Trade War, Elections, Black Lives Matter, Stock Market Crash, UK leaves EU, Terrorism Attacks, West Coast Fires, Impeachment – just to  mention a few.  I’m sure you each have your personal list too.  Some of these issues will carry into 2021 and we will continue to deal with issues and correct problems.

    We now have a new President with Joe Biden, a new voice with the first female Vice President, Kamala Harris, and a new Flying Star Chart.

    We are looking forward to and preparing for a new cycle.  Right now we are in the cycle of Period 8 but in 2024 we move into a new cycle of Period 9. With a bit of planning and preparation, I’m intending on having more money, more love, more happiness, more fun and more time — growth, right? How about you? I believe we can have all of this if we put in the effort.  Are you with me?

    A Blind New Year

    The Lunar New Year begins on February 12, 2021 with the Solar New Year Beginning today, February 4, 2021.  Usually, the Lunar New Year comes before the Solar New Year.  Not this year!  This is called a “Blind Year,” and things may feel a bit out of step or out of place.

    Ox is a winter Earth animal and so, it is the weakest of the Earth animals.  The year is Yin Metal but the weak Earth of this Ox cannot support the Metal – this may result in anxiety and resort to sadness and grief.  We need to add that bit of Fire to make it through the year.  This is where the love, happiness, fun, time and growth comes in.  With a bit of hustle and effort, we can get through this year with flying colors!  Speaking of colors, wear the color red a LOT this year.  Light those romantic candles and enjoy some dramatic artwork.

    Plan, Prepare, Practice, Perform

    The Covid-19 virus will still be with us.  There may be a food shortage, I’m thinking about growing a small garden – just for some produce.  There will continue to be deaths, but the survivors will grow.  In order for us to be the survivors, we must concentrate on these five things:

    1. Calm Your Mind – Plan and Prepare
    2. Commit to Growing and Expansion
    3. Follow the Flow of Money
    4. Nurture our Relationships
    5. Be the Voice of Sanity and Inspiration – We must be the Light!

    Ride the Waves

    In order to ride the wave of 2021 we must be more hard working.  It should be a good year if we work hard.  Three key things to do:

    1. Create
      • Momentum
      • Opportunity
      • New Business?
    2. Unite
      • Be a Leader
      • Form a New Community
      • Form a Group
      • Find a Group that Lifts you
    3. Own
      • Take Responsibility for your Successes and your Challenges

    2021 Predictions

    • If you are Rat, Rabbit, Snake or Rooster, you will be more prone to illness (and COVID), wear your masks, wash your hands, social distance from people and remember even if you have had the vaccine, you may still be a carrier – do these things to protect others.
    • This pre-period 9 is a good time for Dragon, Ox, Pig and Horse.
    • Most wealthy animal signs are Tiger, Rabbit, Goat and Pig.
    • Most enlightened animal signs are Dragon, Snake, Ox and Rooster – make plans.
    • Horse and Dog will have Spiritual Awakening – Intuition is strong.

    Flying Star

    Each year has an energy called the Flying Star.  Flying Star is all about change over time.  Flying Star is significant to the yearly energies and forces of Feng Shui.

    In Flying Star we look at Astrology and Feng Shui to find the best way to interpret the celestial and earthly forces.  Concept of time is both positive (Yang) and negative (Yin), which means that everything has its proper time and purpose.

    Flying Star interprets which part of the cycle of time is in effect.  This runs in a 60 year cycle.  We can use Flying Star to determine the energies for a house, a building, a day, a month, or a year.

    We will look at the YEAR energies for 2021.  By the way, right now, we are in a period 8 cycle, but a period 9 cycle begins in 2024.  Now is the time to do the hard work and prepare for period 9.  We want to be ahead of the change so we are ready to jump right in.  See the suggestions above to begin your preparations and consult the yearly Flying Star below to balance your energies for 2021.

    To begin with, we look at the Magic Square or the Lo Shu.  This is a pattern.  Originally, it was found on the back of a turtle shell and considered auspicious.  We can’t all carry around a turtle, and besides, what are the chances that another turtle would have those same exact auspicious dots on it’s shell?



    The dots on the back of the turtle were translated into numbers and written on a square.  This is called the  magic square.  In Feng Shui we use this magic square for reference and sometimes it’s even used for a blessing.  It’s very powerful.



    2021 Flying Star Chart

    Each year, as time moves forward,  the numbers “fly” differently.  Here is an example of how the numbers “fly” in 2021.

    Each number has a specific energy.  We will only look at the four numbers (and their 2021 direction) that are of concern:  3; 7; 5; and 2.

    The following is a very simple explanation without going into too much detail.

    #3:  Arguments and Hostility Star

    The number three (3) star is symbolic of arguments and hostility.  It is protected by the color red.  We use a Feng Shui Red Envelope at our house.



    #7:  Robbery and Discord Star

    The number seven (7) star is symbolic of robbery and discord, and is protected by a plant.  Traditionally, a bamboo plant is used, but you can  use any healthy plant you love.  Keep it watered and dusted and if it begins to wilt or die, replace it with a new plant.


    #5:  Misfortune and Calamity Star

    The number five (5) star is an Earth star and represents Misfortune and Calamity.  We NEVER want to activate this so we drain it and move the energy along with a metal wind chime.  Now, be sure you LOVE the sound of the wind chime, else you will create irritation in this area and make matters worse.


    # 2:  Illness Star

    The number two (2) star is another earth star of Illness.  None of us want to be ill and especially in this time of COVID-19 we want to keep our immune system as healthy as possible, so we drain this area with a string of six metal coins.


    The following is the Flying Star Chart, with the flying stars and the traditional adjustments for 2021. Using the directions, transpose the 2021 Flying Star Chart over your home or office floor plan.  Remember to align the numbers correctly according to the right directions.  Make the appropriate adjustments.  Keep in mind, that if the numbers 5 or 2 are in a bedroom or if your front door is in that area, most DEFINITELY make these adjustments.  If these numbers fall in other areas of your home or office — don’t worry – be happy, they will NOT be an issue for you this year.

    2021 Flying Star Chart


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    Happy Chinese New Year 2021

    Gong Xi Fa Cai – Wishing You Prosperity!

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