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    Goodbye Summer! – How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    It seems we just said hello and now it’s time to say Goodbye Summer! You sure went by quickly! I don’t know about you all, but we packed in a lot of activity into our summer even though we were still in stand-by mode for COVID.

    Enjoy the Everyday

    I tend to stick to my weekly routine as much as possible in order to get everything accomplished and so I can enjoy the “everyday” of life.  I still need to do laundry, grocery shop and make dinner, however I really like making time to spend with my youngest grandson. He still likes to hang out with Nanna.

    A Mini-Vacation!

    Since I live in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area I have the opportunity to take multiple mini-vacations.  I took my grandson on a couple of Nature Hikes and as we rounded one curve in the trail and climbed to the top of the rocks, he gasped at the site of Kawishiwi Falls and the open space in front of us. “Wow!” he said. We took him over the rocks and got as close to the falls as we could. It was a great hike and fun to have witnessed his first reaction to this beautiful sight.

    A Vacation to a Favorite City!

    We took a summer vacation to Chicago to see the Obama portraits we took advantage of the fact that we were at the Chicago Art Institute, and spent the entire day roaming the galleries. The lower level houses the miniature period rooms, which are totally amazing!

    At the time of this writing, Bisa Butler: Portraits is showing through September 6. If you can get there, I highly recommend seeing her show – unbelievable! I can make a log cabin quilt or an Irish chain, but Bisa Butler is total A.R.T!

    Summer Celebrations

    We have July birthday’s to celebrate every summer and this year my youngest turned 41 and my mom turned 90.

    Amy Klobuchar came to my town and walked our 4th of July Parade – my family and I walked the parade with her. What an experience.


    Lammas & Lughnasada

    Along with August came Lammas and Lughnasada. Lammas is the first of three harvest festivals. It falls between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. I’m sure any of you who garden, know that much of the garden is harvested in August. In past years I’ve baked bread for Lammas, but not this year. The warm humid weather is perfect for letting the dough rise.

    Lughnasada is also a time of finishing up before the end of the year, bringing in the harvest, having that last summer vacation with family and friends, and tying up loose ends so we are ready to begin the next year. The Celtic New Year begins with Samhain or as we know it, Halloween.

    So as we say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year, I wish you all Health, Happiness and Prosperity!

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